Failed despite no issues

I’m using the latest version of SonarQube, in docker.
I have just analyzed a project, fixed a few issues, then analysed it again.
No issues. But it still FAILED. Why? Is that per design? I don’t get it…
There’s not a single problem that I can see… why would it fail??

I am evaluating SonarQube, and I haven’t really done much yet, so I am not
too familiar with the product, I must add…

In your image, the project has 0% coverage. The “Sonar Way” quality gate requires at least 80% coverage to pass. Check your quality gate.

Ah I see… thanks ! But that raises more questions:
Why is coverage 0? I see it is 0 for both my projects, both the class library and the console app that has just a main method that calls a method in the class library. Surely it would have some coverage?
Also… the console app passes the quality gate despite its 0% coverage…
(These are C# projects by the way)

If you open the project, it should tell you pretty explicitly which quality gate condition(s) failed!

And a small but important detail to add to Diana’s answer — the default quality gate will fail on some quality gate conditions (including coverage) related to New Code, not Overall code. More details on why here:

If you’re having trouble seeing code coverage for your projects, check the docs on Test Coverage & Execution: