Fail to request

On server side we using 8.3 version and on android side i am using 2.7 plugin version
I am trying to upload sonarqube report to our server
I got this command and i execute this ./gradlew sonarqube

But in last I am getting this error
1- Execution failed for task ‘:app:sonarqube’.

Fail to request

2- While on another project i am facing
PayloadTooLargeError: request entity too large
’request entity too large’,
**** expected: 160543,****
**** length: 160543,****
**** limit: 102400,****
**** type: ‘entity.too.large’ }****

Hi Arjun,


Very likely means that your SonarQube instance sits behind a reverse proxy which has a request size limit setup at 100Kb. As the report generated is larger than this size, the proxy rejects the request and therefore your task fails.

Try configuring the proxy to accept larger request sizes. The size of the report generated appears in the scan logs, towards the end.