Facing incompatibility issue when doing sonar analysis for project developed using jdk1.8

My project source code is built using jdk1.8 But the sonar cloud uses jdk1.17 uses for sonar analysis

1 The below is the snippet in the azure pipeline:

- task: Maven@4       
    mavenPomFile: 'pom.xml'
    mavenOptions: '-Xmx3072m'
    javaHomeOption: 'JDKVersion'
    jdkVersionOption: '1.11'
    jdkArchitectureOption: 'x64'
    mavenVersionOption: 'Path'
    mavenDirectory: '/opt/mavenforazure/apache-maven-3.9.3'
    sonarQubeRunAnalysis: true 

    goals: 'clean verify'
    options: '-s=settings.xml -Dsonar.java.jdkHome=/opt/java17/openlogic-openjdk-17.0.9+9-linux-x64

### 2 The below is the snippet in pom.xml:

groupId: org.apache.maven.plugins groupId
artifactId: maven-compiler-plugin artifactId
version: 3.8.1 version

verbose: true verbose
fork: true fork
source: 8 source
compilerVersion: 1.8 compilerVersion
target: 11 target

### 3 After the maven task getting the error:
Failed to execute goal org.sonarsource.scanner.maven:sonar-maven-plugin: (default-cli) on project ice-parent:
2024-01-25T13:52:47.2539293Z [ERROR]
2024-01-25T13:52:47.2539462Z [ERROR] The version of Java (11.0.2) used to run this analysis is deprecated, and SonarCloud no longer supports it. Please upgrade to Java 17 or later.
2024-01-25T13:52:47.2539996Z [ERROR] As a temporary measure, you can set the property ‘sonar.scanner.force-deprecated-java-version’ to ‘true’ to continue using Java 11.0.2
2024-01-25T13:52:47.2540246Z [ERROR] This workaround will only be effective until January 28, 2024. After this date, all scans using the deprecated Java 11 will fail.

What are the other configurations should be added to make the sonarcloud task run successfully, Can the support team provide the details on this, Thanks

Follow instructions on Scanner environment & SonarCloud
As per instructions, no changes needed in your existing build process to compile code and run test cases but you only need to use sonar step using JDK17.