Export SonarQube findings data

Is there a way to export findings to excel/pdf? the objective is to export to excel findings according to required filter and sending findings to relevant teams, groups or employees.


Hey there.

Why not give your teams, groups and employees direct access to the SonarQube server to see the results?

I know this is the intended way of using the system and planning on doing so. Right now, I am looking on mitigating existing vulnerabilities for a while now and would like to use also excel sheets for that purpose.


There’s a Regulatory Report in the latest version of SonarQube starting with Enterprise Edition that allows for exporting a project’s measures/issues from SonarQube into a csv.

Otherwise you’ll have to rely on the Web API (documentation linked in the footer of your instance) or, making sure your team has access to the SonarQube instance.

But again, I would have to export each project to a separate csv, right? I cannot export all data (or for example, all ‘critical’ only), to one csv, right?

Correct. SonarQube is not really designed for data export, but to give access to developers to view up-to-date information with the right context, rule descriptions, issue locations, etc.