Export Sonar Qube Report Including bugs, Vulenrabilities, Code Smells, Coverage from one SonarQube and Import it to another SonarQube

I am trying to get report of all my projects which can be imported to another sonarqube setup including all bugs, coverege of all projects. I t has to be in one report not seperate.

I found below APIs separately:
GET api/projects/search : to list your projects (output includes the project key)
from there you can iterate over the list and use for example
GET api/issues/search : to list issues for a given project key
GET api/measures/component : to get all kind of measures filter for a specific metric key (like coverage)
(and all potential metrics keys can be listed from GET api/metrics/search )

But I guess there no provision of API in which we can export whole report and import it to another sonarqube.

Is it possible to do it?


Project Move is available starting in Enterprise Edition($$) but even that exports each project as a separate bundle.