Explicit interface implementation are not "unused"

Rule “[Unused private types or members should be removed]”
incorrectly says “Remove the unused private property ‘IDataErrorInfo.this[]’.”

SonarQube 8.0 (through Codacy website)
(And I have not seen any fix in changelog for version 8.1)

Minimal Code:

namespace Issue
    public class Foo : System.ComponentModel.IDataErrorInfo
        string IDataErrorInfo.this[string propertyName] { get { return null; /* Not relevant for sample */ } }
        string IDataErrorInfo.Error                     { get { return null; /* Not relevant for sample */ } }

Hi @Mickael

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I’ve tried to reproduce the issue, with your sample and the latest version of the analyzer, and the false positive is not raised.

Can you please share more details?

  • the CSharp analyzer version
  • the .net version used by the project
  • if you have already a small project which reproduces the issue this will help us a lot

Thank you,