Explain disparity in lines of code between API and screen and actual

I’m trying to understand what I see in the web interface vs. the API response vs a manual count of lines of code.
The web interface has:

If I use the API I get:
curl -k -u : ‘https://sonarqube-somewhere.co.uk/api/measures/component?componentKey=-services-cao&metricKeys=ncloc’

If I count the lines of c# using a command line:
$ find . -name ‘*.cs’ | xargs wc -l

28304 total

I’m having issues with the development teams not wanting to run the tool because of this as the disparity is huge.
Can anyone explain?


Hi Ryan,

Welcome to the community!

It looks to me like in your screenshot you’ve drilled into a single, specific file in the Measures tab. So that’s going to give you the LOC of that one, single file. That’s as opposed to your API call, which appears to retrieve the value for - if not the entire project - at least something farther up the hierarchy than a single file.

Does this make sense?


Hi Ann
Thank you for taking the time to look at this.

I’ve retaken the screenshot to show that this is the top level, I’ve not drilled down into anything specific.

The API query is now showing a figure that appears in the web interface for lines of code.
~/xxxxxxx-services-cao (master) $ curl -k -u eacb592928981596eac03e7fcef5bfa0e78a804f: ‘https://sonarqube-xxxxxx.co.uk/api/measures/component?componentKey=xxxxxx-services-cao&metricKeys=ncloc

But a manual check for lines of code is still way higher than what is being reported by sonarqube:
~/xxxxxxx-services-cao (master) $ find . -name ‘*.cs’ | xargs wc -l

28304 total

So how does ‘Lines of code’ get derived?

I’d also be interested in how Lines is derived as this is way off from a manual check as well…
~/xxxxxxxx-services-cao (master) $ find . -name ‘.’ | xargs wc -l

61625 total


Hi Ryan,

Per the docs

Lines ( lines )
Number of physical lines (number of carriage returns).

Lines of code ( ncloc )
Number of physical lines that contain at least one character which is neither a whitespace nor a tabulation nor part of a comment.