Expecting Displays Welcome to SonarQube message in french

Hi Team,

We are looking for message modification in "Github project page : GitHub - ZoeThivet/sonar-l10n-fr: French Pack for SonarQube " , after adding plugin in our sonar server , for Welcome to SonarQube is not reflecting in french in the home page still we are able to see in only English.



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In my very occasional testing of localization plugins, I find that the other language doesn’t show up until I switch my browser preference to that language.


Hi Ann,
We have switched to french language after plugin installation,
Please find the attachment rest all are changing except messages of home page like “Welcome to SonarQube” and so on , expecting this also in french only.
We tried changing the message but its reflecting globally for other language people too which is not convenient.

Please help us on this



This block - the “Welcome to SonarQube” title + the 3 columns below - looks like custom content inserted by your SonarQube administrators at CGI.

It is definitely not original content served by SonarQube, which is why it is not translated by the French localization pack.

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Thanks for the quick response. Do you have any suggestion on how can the custom block be localized to browser language ? I tried setting the language using navigator.language by writing a script tag within the custom block html code that is written by CGI. But apparently the script tag was not rendered by the parent page, which seems to be so, for obvious reason.

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It depends how this content is generated and inserted.

If it was inserted using the built-in static content insertion feature, the only allowed elements are ['b', 'br', 'code', 'i', 'li', 'p', 'strong', 'ul', 'a'], and the only allowed attributes are ['target', 'href'], so it looks like localization of content inserted this way is not supported. Might be a good candidate for a feature request :slight_smile: