Expected an assignment or function call and instead saw an expression for "myvar?.myfunction()

Template for a good false-positive report, formatted with Markdown:

	camelKIntegrationsTreeView = vscode.window.createTreeView('camelk.integrations', {
		treeDataProvider: camelKIntegrationsProvider
	camelKIntegrationsTreeView.onDidChangeVisibility(async () => {
		if (camelKIntegrationsTreeView.visible === true) {
			if (runningKubectl === undefined || runningKubectl.killed) {
			await camelKIntegrationsProvider.refresh().catch(err => console.log(err));
		} else {
			runningKubectl?.kill(); <--- error here, runningKubectl is of type ChildProcess from child_process

Hello @apupier,

I believe you are facing the same issue as reported here:

Feel free to come back to us if you face another issue.


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