Expand Quality gates

Assuming I configured my quality gates (based on SonarQube scanning) …
Would it be possible to add more criteria based on results from other tools (that scan our app during the CI)?
and if so - how to do it?

In other words - could I leverage Sonarqube’s quality gates mechanism to fail my CI pipeline on a broader criteria than Sonarqube itself?

Thank you


it’s possible to import third party issues, see
Sonarqube also supports - with some limitations - a generic import format for raising
external issues in code, see

Or write your own plugin, see Plugin basics | SonarQube Docs
You may also use community plugins - not supported by Sonarsource

i.e. check licenses

or check dependencies

(in an Enterprise environment one would use tools like Sonatype NexusIQ for that).

IMO it is not good to overload Sonarqube with third party plugins.


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