Exit code list of sonar-scanner command

Is there any document which list all the possible exit codes and its meanings of the sonar-scanner command?
like ‘failed to pass quality gate’, ‘success’, ‘time out’, ‘bad gateway’, etc

Thanks in advance for any help

i’d like to second … but rephrase OPs question a bit, if that’s ok :blush: :nerd_face:

are there different non-zero return codes? If yes, would you be able to point to a document which contains a listing of them which describes the cause?

If there are different non-zero return codes, and they are undocumented, i’d like to suggest documenting them.

And if there is just one non-zero return code: which one is it? :wink:

Hey Daniel,

If there are, it’s not a reliable API (we don’t commit to keeping them the same).

The exit code can either be 1 (internal error) or 2 (user/functional error). All this really means is the scanner fails to start (exit code 1), or fails when it is started (exit code 2).

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