Exclude individual files for C++ in stand alone mode in Visual Studio

Since I’m for sure not the only one working on a larger and older code base, with too large and complex files causing a lot of issues (warnings/messages), causing to much runtime consumption in listing and rendering, I would suggest to introduce the functionality to exclude individual files from scanning for harmed rules.

Since functionality doesn’t exist in for the language C++ in stand alone mode.

Eventually the syntax of the “settings.json” may be extended.
Or a JSON file per project may be introduced.

Hello @MartinLemburgSISW , thanks for reporting this. Excluding individual files is indeed something missing in SonarLint for Visual Studio.
We’ll consider adding the ability to exclude some files / directory patterns (we already do that in other IDEs); I cannot share an ETA now, but we’ll be looking to adjust our priorities also based on other feedback or upvotes to this request.
On a side note, we also realize that when you work with large old files, you often have a huge number of issues there, and it is difficult to see what are those you recently introduced. In SonarQube we have the notion of New Code to help focusing on recent issues, and we’ll be thinking about answering this problem in SonarLint as well at some point.

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