Exclude generated code from analysis in SonarLint

My project contains generated C# code (generated_code = true in editorconfig) that I would like SonarLint to ignore.
The SonarLint issue tracker states that sonar.exclusions are not synchronizable, that’s fine. I would just like any way for SonarLint to ignore my generated (.cs) code files that are in a specific folder.
So far this doesn’t seem to be possible which means I won’t be able to use the Sonarlint-visual studio plugin.
For what it’s worth I too have a paid account on sonarcloud.io.

Hi @MrSanchez - welcome to the community.

The Roslyn-based Sonar analyzers have their own mechanism for detecting generated code that pre-dates .editorconfig files, which is presumably why the generated_code setting isn’t having an effect.

The only workaround I can think of at this point is to renamed your generated files to end with an extension that the Sonar analyzers recognise as indicating generated code e.g. .g.cs.


Ah that does sound like a plausible explanation. I see.

While tedious, I’ll keep that workaround in mind.


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