Exclude dont work with boost lib C++

9.7.1 (build 62043)
SonarQube deployed: zip

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    I try to get a higher score of code coverage. I have C++ project, where make coverage show 73% coverage, then convert results in dir _coverage with gcov and run
sonar-scanner -Dsonar.cfamily.build-wrapper-output=_$BUILD_TYPE/.sonar --define sonar.cfamily.gcov.reportsPath="_coverage" --define sonar.branch.name=$CI_COMMIT_BRANCH \
    --define sonar.coverage.exclusions="app/**, /root/.hunter/_Base/17fd3b9/f845a29/f96017a/Install/include/boost/**/*.*, include/**, boost/**/*.*"

and sonarqube report shows 53% coverage.
I find this is because some files include Boost library files and sonar includes them in analysis.
for example log from make coverage
#17 0.197 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
#17 0.197 GCC Code Coverage Report #17 0.197 Directory: .
#17 0.197 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
#17 0.197 File Lines Exec Cover Missing
#17 0.197 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
#17 0.197 libs/database/cursor.hpp 15 13 86% 29,57

and sonarqube log

761 NuPay
Coverage 80.0%
Bug 0
Vulnerability 0
Code Smell 13
Security Hotspot 0

But I exclude them higher.

What’s wrong?
here is log from sonarqube

The analyzer was not able to find file
#20 48.33   boost/endian/conversion.hpp
#20 48.33   included from file /builds/libs/database/cursor.hpp
#20 48.33   included from file /builds/libs/database/cursor.cpp
#20 48.33 
#20 48.33 This impacts the quality of the analysis and leads to inaccurate results.
#20 48.33 
#20 48.33 Please check that the file exists on your machine during the analysis:
#20 48.33 
#20 48.33 * if it doesn't, find a way to persist it after your build;
#20 48.33   all the files accessed during the build should be accessible during the analysis
#20 48.33 
#20 48.33 * if it does, please contact SonarSource support providing
#20 48.33   the full path to the file
#20 48.33     boost/endian/conversion.hpp
#20 48.33   and the file
#20 48.33     /builds/sonar-cfamily-reproducer.zip
#20 48.33 
#20 48.33 INFO: SE: 16 out of 154
#20 48.33 INFO: Z3 refutation rate: 0 out of 0
#20 48.33 WARN: 

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Hello @Denis_Matveev and welcome to the community,

Could you please share the full output of the sonar-scanner command (preferably with the -X option)? This is helpful for us to identify the problem behind the exclusion of boost headers. Also, could you please share the files in your build-wrapper output directory (build-wrapper-dump.json and build-wrapper.log)? If these files contain sensitive data I can send you a message so that you can share them privately.

This error shouldn’t normally affect the coverage percentage, but it looks strange given that you are using the build-wrapper approach. The analyzer should be able to find boost headers as long as the compiler was able to during the wrapped build. Are you using an old build-wrapper output directory in -Dsonar.cfamily.build-wrapper-output? Do the scanner and the compiler both have access to the same filesystem (e.g. are you running them on different machines/containers, …)?

Please, send me a message and I can share logs with you.

Thanks for sharing the logs!

The problem is related to the fact that the “Coverage” reported on the dashboard is actually a hybrid metric that combines both “Line Coverage” and “Condition Coverage” in a single number. More details can be found here and here . This is why the number displayed by SonarQube is different from the one reported in the build, but “Line Coverage” and “Condition Coverage” on the metrics page match…

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