Exception handling is not recognized

On SonarQube 7.7 Developer Editon C++ build wrapper version 6.3 (build-wrapper-linux-x86-64):


Hi @MVoss,

like in Std::ostringstream object is wongly identified as a signed operand: L832 - Bitwise operators should not be applied to signed operands could you please run the scanner with -Dsonar.verbose=true property and share the logs?
I believe that what happens is a misconfiguration leading to not finding some header files leading to some parsing errors -> error recovery -> false-positives.

OK, how can I set up a PM?
I can send you the log in about 10 days since I wont have access next week.

Ok, I sent you a PM.

logs are uploaded now.

This thread was handled privately, the issue was due to a missing header file resolution, once fixed the false positive disappeared, this thread can be considered closed.