Example/starter repo for Node.js with Pull Request Analysis including Coverage?

I am using GitHub + GitHub Actions with SonarCloud and I’m not having a lot of success getting to a sort of minimum working state. I’m coming from using Coveralls, and I’m looking to have the same experience (PRs get marked if they meet/fail code coverage thresholds) plus hopefully other quality metrics.

Here’s an example build: https://github.com/dougmoscrop/serverless-plugin-log-subscription/pull/9/checks?check_run_id=194480983

Things that I’ve encountered so far that were confusing/difficult:

No need to run analysis. It is already triggered by the push event.

This makes me feel like automated analysis might be running, but I don’t have a .sonarcloud.properties file.

Any help would be appreciated, but a repo that has this all configured and working would be a sweet reference.

Hi @dougmoscrop,

I apologize for the late response to your question, it completely slipped through the cracks.

Are you currently still facing these issues? There were some changes made to these components in the meantime.


I am, yes, to be honest at the time I wrote this it did not appear to be workable sans some magic on the Sonar end. I have not tried it with the latest - I will. (But an example repo would always be helpful)

Ok, it should definitely not require some magic :slight_smile:. Let me know when you’ve tried it again! We currently do not have an example repository, but I can see your public repository so I will investigate when you encounter the same problem again.