[Event] Sonar is sponsoring Microsoft Build 2024 in Seattle

Meet us at Microsoft Build 2024 in Seattle!

Developers are rapidly embracing GenAI-assisted coding tools. It is important to pair AI Code generation and human-developed code with Sonar’s solutions. Our solution ensures that AI-generated code meets the highest Clean Code standards to produce software that is secure, reliable, maintainable, and unparalleled in quality. Using Sonar, organizations can minimize risk, reduce technical debt, and derive more value from their AI and human-generated code in a predictable, responsible, and sustainable way.

Register for Microsoft Build 2024 ) and be sure to visit us at our Expert Meet-Up space #FP36. You can talk to one of our experts and see a demo of how Microsoft Copilot works with Sonarqube.

You can also register to attend one of our Sessions during Microsoft Build 2024:

With great AI power, comes great responsibility (Session)
Location: MS Build Stage

With great (AI) power, comes great responsibility in code quality
On-demand virtual session
Date/Time: May 21, 11 am PT

Produce AI-assisted quality code with speed and confidence (Demo)​
Date/Time: May 23, 1 pm PT
Location: Demo stage

If you are not able to attend in person, you can always join us virtually on our
Sonar Showcase page Microsoft Build | May 21-23, 2024 | Seattle and Online

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