Error while the execution publish quality gate results task

Getting this error while the run of publish quality gate result in azure devops

##[error][SQ] Could not fetch metrics
##[error]Cannot read property ‘concat’ of undefined
##[error]Cannot read property ‘status’ of undefined

Hi @chakra and welcome to the community !

Are you still experiencing any issue ? If yes, could you please send us the log in debug mode for that task


Got resolved when I am running it locally but getting error when executing on azure devops.

That probably means that your SQ instance is unreachable from azure devops. Check if you have any kind of proxy of network-related things that can occur here.

The new error is coming like

Any solution for this error


This error comes from a 3rd party plugin (
You can reach them to have support if you need to.

This one is also resolved by uninstalling the TFVC plugin. But now after the code analysis is also successful, the sonarqube is showing as

I am using the community version. It is indexing all the files. But unable to find why it is not presenting in the sonarqube.
one more thing wanted to add that “WARNING: Failed to find the code coverage command line tool. Possible cause: Visual Studio is not installed, or the installed version does not support code coverage.” This warning is also showing…will this effect the analysis