Error when login to with AAD

Can’t login with AAD, got error : You’re not authorized to access this page. Please contact the administrator.

sonar web logs: 2023.03.31 14:52:55 ERROR web[AYZ9/t35YQnuMj7SBsOV][o.a.a.a.AadIdentityProvider] Exception:java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: authorization code is null or empty
2023.03.31 14:56:45 ERROR web[AYZ9/t35YQnuMj7SBsPd][o.a.a.a.AadIdentityProvider] Exception:org.sonar.server.authentication.event.AuthenticationException: Cookie ‘OAUTHSTATE’ is missing
2023.03.31 14:56:45 WARN web[AYZ9/t35YQnuMj7SBsPd][o.s.s.a.AuthenticationError] Fail to callback authentication with ‘aad’
java.lang.IllegalStateException: org.sonar.server.authentication.event.AuthenticationException: Cookie ‘OAUTHSTATE’ is missing

I suggest reaching out to the maintainer of the Azure AD plugin: GitHub - hkamel/sonar-auth-aad: Azure Active Directory Authentication for SonarQube