[Error] SonarLint Vscode java 11

Hello there,
I have a problem using SonarLint in visual studio code, I’ve been using very well this plugin in java 8 but arround last week, Vscode required java 11 as minimum java version and when I updated this (I keep using java 8 for my project, according to Vscode can use two versions), the plugin couldn’t start well, this is a error:
[Error - 16:57:02.682] Analysis failed.

[Error - 16:57:02.683] java.lang.IllegalStateException: No files nor directories matching 'C:\Users\MyUser\.m2\repository\com\sun\java\tools\11\tools-11.jar'

I know that tools.jar doesn’t exist in java 11 and I couldn’t find a jar to replace it.
I’m using the last version (1.17.0)

Thanks for your answers.

Hello Ed,

Thanks for joining our community and for your first post!

We are not able to reproduce the problem. It looks strange to me that this jar is searched in the local maven repository. Could you send us a link to a small project with which we could reproduce it ?

Also what versions of VSCode, SonarLint and Java extensions are you using ? Do you use the Java extension pack ?