Error running .NET core begin task with dotnet-sonarscanner in GitHub action workflow

Setup a GitHub action workflow like I have several times before, almost identical other than the project key, but this time everytime the begin phase runs I get an error

Invalid runtimeconfig.json [D:\a\Extensions.Microsoft.Diagnostics.HealthChecks.ApplicationInsights\Extensions.Microsoft.Diagnostics.HealthChecks.ApplicationInsights.sonar\\dotnet-sonarscanner\5.0.2\dotnet-sonarscanner\5.0.2\tools\netcoreapp3.0\any\SonarScanner.MSBuild.runtimeconfig.json]

The action workflow definition can be seen here:Extensions.Microsoft.Diagnostics.HealthChecks.ApplicationInsights/build.yml at master · smokedlinq/Extensions.Microsoft.Diagnostics.HealthChecks.ApplicationInsights (

Hi @smokedlinq

Can you try to enable long paths on the instance running the build ?
You’ll find some hints on how to that for example here :


I ended up switching to an ubuntu agent and its working now.

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