Error message the branch has no lines of code in SonarQube

Hi All,

I am basically trying to perform sonar scan on single repo that has three solutions. I am using sonar-scanner-ms build to perform the scan via the Bamboo pipeline. The issue that I am facing is the scan results are showing up for one solution but the other two solution results are not seen in sonarqube. I can see all the three project names created but shows a message that there are no scan results for two of the solutions. I have ran the sonar-scanner-ms build with verbose option but don’t see any error messages with the projects who’s results are not showing up.

Below are the technical details regarding my set up

SonarQube version : Enterprise edition.
Project : project (3 solutions)
Tools : sonar-scanner-ms build-
Continuous Integration Server : Bamboo

I have run the following commands for all the three projects

 "SonarScanner.MSBuild.exe begin "
                            + "/k:${bamboo.sonarQubeProjectKey}" + "-" + moduleName
                            + " /d:sonar.login=${} "
                            + " /" + branch
                            + " /d:sonar.verbose=true"

MSBuild.exe <path to project file or .sln file> /t:Rebuild

  "SonarScanner.MSBuild.exe end "
                            + "/d:sonar.login=${} "

When I analyse the logs it shows it has completed analysis successfully for all the three solutions. However only only one solution’s results are output to sonarqube.

Not sure what the problem here is.


Welcome to the community!

For C#, analysis is closely tied to the build. I’m not a .NET-ista, but I assume that 3 solution files means 3 separate builds, right?

So you’ll need to do 3 separate analyses as well. Essentially:

begin /k:solution1
build solution1

begin /k:solution2
build solution2

begin /k:solution3
build solution3