Error Message - Projectkey not found in root project - Sonarqube

Hi all,

I am trying to integrate sonarqube. we are facing issue please check logs below

Can anyone have any idea. Any solutions?


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The error in your screenshot appears to be purely a gradle error. I’m guessing there’s a syntax error in the analysis configuration…?


Hi Ann,

I can able to build the project successfully in intellij.

Is there anything specific i need to check.
Above screen shot is in Power shell.

While executing in Window CMD i am getting below error

Please provide any suggestions.


Hi @syamu.madduri,

The issue is from the inconsistence of Java version that you use to build the project and that you use to execute the analysis. That said, you are probably trying to execute the analysis with Java 8(class file version 52), but we require Java 11(class file version 55) to run as stated in our documentation.

You may try to run it with Java 11.

Hope it helps.

Hi Fan,

Thanks for your info, issue due to java and gradle version conflicts.

Now working fine.


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