Error: Invalid new code period (even date is correct)

I have SQ 7.4 Dev edition where I set new leak period on this date: 2019-01-21 for all projects. We are using SQ plugin into TFS builds to perform analysis. And “publishing result” fails due to this issue:

Even analysis date was after leak period. Do you know what could be the issue?

Hi Pavel,

As described in the error message, the date should be before the last analysis date.
Could you please check the date of last analysis ?

Julien Lancelot

Hi, so “current analysis” is last working analaysis. I thought that it is that analysis which failed. Now I understand,thanks.
How we are working is that we have over 70 projects and some are built several times a day and some are build once a month, but leak period is reset each 3 weeks for all projects. So that means that we have to run all builds before we set new leak period.
Thanks a lot for help.

You’re welcome !