Error in the build of my azure devops pipeline


I’m having a problem with build pipelines on Azure Devops of my projects. In the yaml of the pipeline I prepare Sonarcloud like this:

When I reach the build task, I get this error:

I understand the problem but I don’t want an error in my build, but a security hotspot in the sonarcloud. I want my project to build. How can I fix that?

I even changed the rule quality profile and remove all rules but no change on that.

Hello @djraphi23

Do you have the TreatWarningsAsErrors parameter set to true?

All the best,

Yes indeed it’s set to true, that’s the problem. Is there any way to change the severity of this to suggestion/none?

Like I said, in the quality profile I use for my sonar project I removed to S5693 rule, so normaly it shouldn’t detect this warning no?

You could use the WarningsNotAsErrors property to exclude the rule from being treated as an error. For further information about the property please check the following documentation:C# Compiler Options - errors and warnings | Microsoft Docs