Error in running sonarqube analysis

Hi All,
I am getting the error “SonarQube server [https://sonarqube.s**.com/commercial] can not be reached”. I am running the analysis using scanner for MSbuild 4.3.1 .
This error occurs while executing the command “D:\sonar-scanner-msbuild-\SonarScanner.MSBuild.exe end” .
How can I resolve this error ?
It’s showing ‘Caused by: Fail to get bootstrap index from server’ .


The analysis agent has to be able to talk to the SonarQbue server. This error is telling you it can’t. Once you’ve verified that you’ve correctly specified the server address, you should see what on the network is getting in the way.


but the sonarqube server is accessible in browser , this issue occurs while running analysis.
Server details has been specified correctly.