ERROR: Fail to download libraries from server: SonarQube Integration with Teamcity

SonarQube Server : Deployed in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS through Docker Compose
Sonar Runner installed in Teamcity through Version 2020.1-11

Hello All,

I am trying to integrate sonarQube in my teamcity pipelines and am facing issues that says
" ERROR: Error during Sonar runner execution

ERROR: Fail to download libraries from serverERROR: Fail to download libraries from server".

My steps that I have followed so far are:

  1. Set Up a Sonarqube server in ubuntu 22.04.
  2. Install sonar-runner plugin in teamcity and provide URL and token of the sonarqube server

Once I run the build, the said error occurs.

I would appreciate some assistance here from the community. Thanks very much.

Hey there.

sonar-runner sounds very old!

Have you tried using this plugin? GitHub - JetBrains/TeamCity.SonarQubePlugin: A plugin for TeamCity server allowing you to configure and run SonarQube analysis from the CI