Error during SonarQube Scanner execution - can not be decided as the file matches patterns

Hi Team

Getting error while scanning the project.

" Error during Sonarqube Scaner execution
Langauage of the file “”/…//…vb" can not be decided as the file matches patterns of both Sonar.lang.patterns.vbnet : /.vb and Sonar.lang.patterns.vb : **/.vb, /*.frm,/*.ctl,/.vb,**/.bas,/*.frm,/*.ctl

SonarQube server 7.9.1 -Enterprise edition.
OS: RehHat Linux


Hi prasanna,

It looks like you have both VB.NET and VB6 analyzers on board. They both claim the same file extensions at the global level. To get past that, you need to edit the file extensions that belong to the unwanted language at the project level (you could do it globally too if you wanted) to something like .foo. You can’t simply blank it out because then it will revert to the default value, re-establishing the conflict.

You’ll find the project-level setting at Administration > General Settings > [language] > File suffixes.