Error during Sonar Scanner execution running Tibco project

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SonarQube (, Scanner ( Tibco project
Hello, When running Sonar on the latest accessible version (9.5) with Sonar Scanner version (4.7), I encountered the following error:

As we can see in the image, this happens when the CheckRules are being validated.

In highlight we see that the error is caused by the fact that the execution is set with the initial interval equal to the final one (12,97). In previous versions of Sonar this was not a problem

I have tried many searches in the web and came up empty, this is basicly my last resource.

I managed this workAround but obviously this cant stay like this.

My gratitude in advance for your time and sugestions

Did I make this private?

You’ll probably want to reach out to the maintainers on their GitHub repository: GitHub - TIBCOSoftware/bw6-plugin-maven: Plug-in Code for Apache Maven and TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™

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Thanks, Im going to do that

Raising an issue on the GitHub repository is a good action to take.

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how can I delete this post?