Error during 'Sensor ESLint-based TypeScript analysis [javascript]'

I’m using SonarCloud for my TypeScript-based project and noticed that ESLint sensor fails with “You are using version of TypeScript 3.1.3 which is not supported; supported versions >=3.2.1” error.
How I can fix or suppress this?sonar-scan-error.txt (4.4 KB)


To help you on that we added a log message before the failure: If it's not possible to upgrade version of TypeScript used by the project, consider installing supported TypeScript version just for the time of analysis.

Hope it helps

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Unfortunately, suggested workaround doesn’t work for me. What I’m missing?
My steps are:

  1. npm install -g typescript@3.2.1
  2. tsc -v
    Version 3.2.1
  3. sonar-scanner …
  4. I see the same error regarding TS version

UPDATE: for some reason Sonar scanner didn’t see global TS install, but does know to use the local one.
So this workaround seems to work.