Error: Detected project binding: NONEXISTENT, Could not find a default branch to fall back on

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  • ALM used (GitHub, Bitbucket Cloud, Azure DevOps)

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    Github Actions

  • Scanner command used when applicable (private details masked)

  • Languages of the repository

  • Only if the SonarCloud project is public, the URL

  • Error observed (wrap logs/code around with triple quotes ``` for proper formatting)

INFO: Scanner configuration file: /opt/sonar-scanner/conf/
INFO: Project root configuration file: /github/workspace/
INFO: SonarScanner
INFO: Java 11.0.14 Alpine (64-bit)
INFO: Linux 5.15.0-1014-azure amd64
INFO: User cache: /opt/sonar-scanner/.sonar/cache
INFO: Scanner configuration file: /opt/sonar-scanner/conf/
INFO: Project root configuration file: /github/workspace/
INFO: Analyzing on SonarCloud
INFO: Default locale: "en_US", source code encoding: "UTF-8" (analysis is platform dependent)
INFO: Load global settings
INFO: Load global settings (done) | time=577ms
INFO: Server id: 1BD809FA-AWHW8ct9-T_TB3XqouNu
INFO: User cache: /opt/sonar-scanner/.sonar/cache
INFO: Load/download plugins
INFO: Load plugins index
INFO: Load plugins index (done) | time=141ms
INFO: Load/download plugins (done) | time=23323ms
INFO: Loaded core extensions: developer-scanner
INFO: Found an active CI vendor: 'Github Actions'
INFO: Load project settings for component key: 'xxxxx'
INFO: Process project properties
INFO: Execute project builders
INFO: Execute project builders (done) | time=2ms
INFO: Project key: xxxxx
INFO: Base dir: /github/workspace
INFO: Working dir: /github/workspace/.scannerwork
INFO: Load project branches
INFO: Load project branches (done) | time=106ms
INFO: Check ALM binding of project 'xxxxx'
INFO: Detected project binding: NONEXISTENT
INFO: Check ALM binding of project 'xxxxx' (done) | time=101ms
INFO: Load project pull requests
INFO: Load project pull requests (done) | time=104ms
INFO: Load branch configuration
INFO: Github event: pull_request
INFO: Auto-configuring pull request 34
INFO: ------------------------------------------------------------------------
INFO: ------------------------------------------------------------------------
INFO: Total time: 29.535s
ERROR: Error during SonarScanner execution
ERROR: Could not find a default branch to fall back on.
ERROR: Re-run SonarScanner using the -X switch to enable full debug logging.
INFO: Final Memory: 20M/70M
  • Steps to reproduce
    Create new PR, found that build phase of SonarCloud is failed with above error msg.
    This issue just happened today. Before that, I can build PR normally. None of properties were changed.

  • Potential workaround

Are you sure the project still exists on SonarCloud – and that the token provided as SONAR_TOKEN in your GitHub action YML still exists?

Hi, I just check with our admin. The Sonar_tokens is incorrect after my colleague left. We already fixed it. Thanks you

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