ERROR 'Create initial schema' while starting SonarQube Developer

When trying to start the Sonarqube Server Developer Edition service, I get the following error:

ERROR web[DbMigrations] #1 ‘Create initial schema’ : failure
ERROR web[DbMigrations] #1 Executed DB migrations : failure

I already wipe the database to try to solve the schema problems.
The database is Oracle 19c.


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There’s more to the error in the server logs than that, isn’t there?


Here are the screenshots of the logs. Sorry I can’t just copy paste I’m doing the instalation through a remote desktop. Thanks for your help.


Thanks for the logs. I was hoping for more data, but you’d already excerpted the best part. That said, it would have been nice to have the fully web.log stacktrace. Were there any Caused by lines that weren’t in your screenshot?

The first thing SonarQube does when it starts for the first time is set up its DB schema with all the necessary tables & indexes. Your instance is failing to do that. So your troubleshooting needs to be primarily on the DB side:

  • is SonarQube connecting to the correct schema?
  • does it have full rights on the schema?
  • is the schema a blank canvas (i.e. empty)?


Attached screenshot of the caused by:

In response to your queries:

-Yes, SonarQube points to the correct schematic because there are evidence objects.
-The permissions granted are CONNETC and RESOURCE
-At the time of obtaining the logs, it was empty but when trying to start it already created objects.

I appreciate your answer, greetings


SonarQube needs full CRUD on its schema. From my Googling, what it has doesn’t allow that. The docs may help.


The permission issues in the database are fixed, the service starts correctly.
But it freezes in the browser:


Anything interesting in the developer console? In your server logs?