Error after upgrading from 9.9 to 10 | No shard available for [get [metadatas][dbVendor]

Which versions are you using?
We’re using SonarQube 9.9 (recently upgraded from 9.6) and wanted to upgrade to 10.

How is SonarQube deployed?
We’ve deployed a container through Docker using the following command

docker run -d --name sonarqube -p 9000:9000 -e SONAR_JDBC_URL='jdbc:sqlserver://oursqlserver.url;databaseName=sonarqube;encrypt=false' -e SONAR_JDBC_USERNAME='correct.username' -e SONAR_JDBC_PASSWORD='correct.password' -v sonarqube_data:/opt/sonarqube/data -v sonarqube_extensions:/opt/sonarqube/extensions -v sonarqube_logs:/opt/sonarqube/logs --restart=unless-stopped sonarqube:developer

The page for sonarqube loaded the first time in maintenance mode but when we start the upgrade process Elasticsearch seems to give a ‘No shard available for [get [metadatas][dbVendor]: routing [null]]’ error.

Here is a full logfile:

sonarqube docker logs.txt (21.8 KB)

Hey there.

Can you try to remove the /data/es7 directory from this volume:

-v sonarqube_data:/opt/sonarqube/data

and start again?

I think you were very close. Looks like it was an issue where our VM hosting docker was getting close to the limit of amount of space & memory reserved when attempting the migration process.

I’ve increased the amount, resized the disk, then removed the sonarqube container & recreated it with new the volumes and it is working now.

The error message threw me off into the wrong direction.

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