'ENTRY' statement is not recognised as 'starting point' fode code execution. (AcuCobol)

We are scanning Cobol sources.

Having a program with an ‘ENTRY’ statement (entrypoint) causes the scanner to warn for ‘dead code’, while the code is not dead at all.

Versions used:
Cobol: AcuCobol version 10.2.1, fixed format
SonarQube: Enterprise Edition Version 9.6.1 (build 59531)

Source code example:

       PROGRAM-ID. PP0037.
           DISPLAY "Main section code"
           DISPLAY "Another entrypoint"

This code leads to following issue being reported:

‘This GOBACK statement should be moved to the end the statement sequence.’

Apparently it assumes that the code below the ‘GOBACK’ statement cannot be reached.
But because it is an entrypoint (like the code suggests), it can be reached, and it is not dead code.
So please fix this scanning error.

While I am typing this message I notice that there is a typo in the issue sentence as well:
The word ‘of’ is 'missing: ‘This GOBACK statement should be moved to the end of the statement sequence’.

Thank you for your feedback.
Ticket created: SONARCOBOL-1663