Encryption form not available in security tab


I’m configuring an installation of SQ in k8s. I’m deploying it with a 3rd party [Bitnami] helm3 chart.
helmChart: 2.1.4
SonarQube: 9.9.0
OS: Linux

My goal is to enable the encryption/security for the passwords for the external connections sonarqube needs to connect to, such as AzDo, databases etc.

I’ve been following the documentation: Security

In the sonar.properties file I’m providing the config:


Here’s the file and its location:

sonarqube@sonarqube-wwwwww-wwwwwwwww:/$ cd /mnt/sonarqube-properties-secrets
sonarqube@sonarqube-wwwwwww-wwwww:/mnt/sonarqube-properties-secrets$ ls
sonarqube@sonarqube-wwww-wwwww:/mnt/sonarqube-properties-secrets$ cat sonar-secret.txt 

I’ve checked all the logs in sonar/logs and I can’t find any errors or references to the abovementioned file/config.

Any ideas on how to proceed to troubleshoot this or what am I doing wrong?

I opened an issue with bitnami and since the config is passed correctly to sonar.properties they’ve redirected me here :slight_smile:

Fixed the issue by providing the full path including the file name… closing.


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