Enabling LDAPS authentication in Sonarqube 7.9.1

Hello There,

Currently we are using LDAP Authentication while logging in to SonarQube. We want to now introduce Secure LDAP.
In Sonar.Properties file, we updated the url to ldaps://server:636. Rest all configuration remains the same.
We also imported Certificate to Java TrustStore. The TrustStore is located at path: JAVA_HOME/lib/security/cacerts
Same trust store path is mentioned in the Sonar.Properties.config as :
However, the site doesn’t work. And the SonarQube Service stops automatically.
Below error gets logged in to sonar.log “Cannot load main class Files.Java.jdk-11.0.3.lib.security.cacerts”

Any idea what is going wrong here ?

Hi @Tejal,

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Are you saying you did not change any other setting in the LDAP section, only ldap.url property? Did you uncomment and set sonar.security.realm=LDAP?

What led you to believe you needed to add the Java opt for the truststore location?

Did you try removing the trust store opt and see if SonarQube starts up? What error do you get without the Java truststore setting?

Please set the sonar.log.level.web=TRACE in your sonar.properties file, then restart SonarQube, and post the web.log file here or you can message me privately.