Enable PR decoration on projects initiated by sonar scanner


We are using SonarCloud with Github and a CI pipeline based on Jenkins. We have our SonarCloud organisation connected to our Github organisation, so we can have full integration into our CI pipeline, and have our PRs decorated with review comments from SonarCloud automatically.

However, this only works, if the project is initiated on sonarcloud.io, before the initial scan with the Maven SonarScanner. The PRs are analyzed, and links to the concrete PR are present on sonarcloud.io. Unfortunately it is not possible to enable the PR decoration afterwards, despite the project being present on github, and the only cure is to delete the project from SonarCloud and initialize it manually. This can only be done by organization administrators, meaning that we have a potential bottleneck, as it has to be done before the first build of the project.

I suggest to enable PR decoration on projects, if a PR is analyzed.

Alternatively, make it possible to enable PR decoration, after the project have been initiated.

Hi @gringostar,

This connect to the following feature: MMF-1924. We haven’t moved yet on it, since most new projects are correctly initiated on SonarCloud and therefore are in the target setup. Please feel free to watch and vote for it.

Thanks for your feedback!