[Eclipse] node.js not found

SonarLint for Eclipse complains about missing node.js when entering a js file.

I am using Eclipse 2020-09, which has node.js built in (used for Javascript editor wildwebdev).

Do I have to do anything? Or is is a bug in SonarLint?

Hello, thank you for your feedback.

Recent versions of our JS analyzer need to find a Node.js 8+ executable somewhere on the PATH environment variable. I was expecting this to be documented in the README and/or the marketplace description, but it looks like this info is missing - we’ll make sure to fix this in the next release.

Additionally, upcoming releases of SonarLint will offer a way to explicitly set the path to the node executable if it is not on the PATH or when developers need to specify a specific Node runtime.

Finally, if Eclipse 2020-09 has “node.js built in”, and if this includes an API to get the path to the Node runtime, maybe there is a way for SonarLint to rely on it when WildWebDev is present in the Eclipse platform.

Ah, great. Thanks. Can’t wait for it.

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