Duplicated users in list


I have configured LDAP mapped group.
Everything work fine.
I logged in with my AD user to SonarQube Web UI and automatically my user added to group, it’s ok.
Then i restarted the SonarQube service and logged in again.
Went to Administration > Security > Users, my AD user listed twice.
In database, my user is listed once.
You can see in attached image.
Thank you in advance.

Hi @ckonca,

First of all, please do not use an old thread for a new bug, as it could be not seen.

Then, could you tell us which plugin are you using to authenticate your LDAP users ?

Julien Lancelot

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Hi @julienlancelot
First of all, thank you for your consideration.
SonarQube server : 7.4
LDAP plugin : 2.2

Ok, thanks I wanted to be sure that you were using the LDAP plugin.

In order to understand why the users are duplicated, I need to get more info on these users (email and provider info) could you please send the result of the following web service : {YOUR_SONARQUBE_URL}/api/users/search?q=Cemile ?

The result is below.
I have to cut some info. I hope they are not essential.
In addition, some other user logged in like me, before and after restart.
But their names are listed once, only mine listed twice.
I think it’s a bug.
Thank you.

I have delete my user from db and after that i logged in.
And now my user have three record.

I have recently encountered the same issue. Can you tell me what the status or solution is? We’re using SonarQube 7.9.1 with the LDAP plugin 2.2


Could you please confirm that you see multiple time your login using this WS