Duplicate issues when using ESLINT and Sonar analysis

SonarQube Developer Edition Version 9.9 (build 65466) OnPrem installation

We are running eslint (sonar.eslint.reportPaths) along with the regular sonar analysis, which are causing duplicate issues with same root cause (same Line Of Code)

For Example:

“===” and “!==” should be used instead of “==” and "!="typescript:S1440
Expected ‘===’ and instead saw ‘==’.ESLINT

How can we prevent this from happening? Should we deactivate rule S1440 if we have ESLINT analysis active?

Thanks for your help

Hey there.

You’ll have to deactivate one of them (ESLint side or SonarQube side) – SonarQube doesn’t perform any de-duplication on its own.

On the bright side, if you leave them both on, you can fix two issues at once :smiley: