Drop in coverage with no code changes

Coverage dropped from 56.1% to 34.9%
There is 915 new lines to cover but no changes have been made.

April 28, 2020

  • 8:41 PM
    Quality Gate: Red (was Green)

If I had to make a guess. It looks like Sonar is picking up you */build/lib/* folders when it should not. For example helm/build/lib/plugin contains duplicates of the files in helm/plugin. It is throwing your code coverage and code duplication off along with doubling some of the other code quality indicators.

You should not check build outputs into source, Sonar will usually read your gitignore and leave out those files.

Adding **/build to gitignore fixed the issue, but I guess how was this working originally?

Sorry but I do not know. I would look for git activity between April 27th and April 28th. If there is no git activity in the solution I would look at any change to the build pipeline in that same time period. Your answer should either be in the change history of the project or of the build pipeline.

Good luck and sorry I can’t be of more help.