Download Detailed Report

Hi everyone

I’m using sonarqube 6.7 with an Enterprise License and the Governance plugin at 2.0.3

I can download an Executive Report of the scan of a project.

Is there a way to download the detailed report of the project with the tech I already have, or do I need to install another plugin or something else entirely?




Sorry, PDFs are only available for Portfolios.


Hi Ann, thanks for getting back to me.

So is there no way to get the full report in a format I can email to someone else? It doesn’t have to be a pdf, text would be fine.

Thanks again


Hi Matt,

We really don’t have anything like that. There are webhooks to notify external systems, there are emails you can subscribe to for new issues and Quality Gate state changes, and there are web services you can use to pull the data for manual assembly. But there’s nothing prepackaged as a “project report” outside the project homepage in the UI.

Would you mind sharing why you need to email the project details instead of just sending them to the interface?


Hi Ann, again, thanks for responding and detailing the options.

Here’s the scenario.

Our sonarqube server sits inside our test dev environment, which requires certain security hurdles to get into.

The project team have access to the environment, but the clients don’t. Organising giving them access, and then managing that access, wouldn’t be a small piece of work.

At the moment the clients ‘seem’ to be okay with us passing on the Executive Summary, but they’re own internal security team are becoming a lot more engaged of late(hooray), and I can easily imagine them asking me for a more detailed report than the Executive Summary.

From your response, I think the best way forward for me would be as follows.

If the internal security team need more information other than the Executive Report, then I think there’s 2 options

  1. Setup access to the environment for them, and calculate all the associated costs involved with that
  2. Create our own report out of the web services you’ve mentioned(“and there are web services you can use to pull the data for manual assembly”), and calculate all the costs involved with that.

Have you got any more information about the web services we could use to pull the data for manual assembly? just in case?

Thanks again Ann

Hi Matt,

Thanks for sharing your use case!

You’ll find a link to on-board docs of the web services in the page footer. You’re looking for measures-related services. A good starting point is to use your browser’s developer tools to spy on the web services that are used to construct any given page in the interface.