Domain Whitelists

Hello, is there a list of urls that should be whitelisted for We have a firewall that is unable to accept a wildcard for the subdomains so we are unable to just use *

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We have a list of domains listed in Managing your Organization | SonarCloud Docs. But the SonarCloud URL has a wildcard in it.

You can try to add these URLs and see if it works for you

  2. (for web sockets)
  3. (for the latest news on SonarCloud)
  4. (in case of logout sometimes the user is redirected here)
  5. (documentation)
  6. I don’t know what ALM integration you are using (Github, Gitlab, and others). In this case, you should also whitelist their URLs for the login flow to work

For billing upgrade to work:


Please let me know if this works for you. We will update the documentation accordingly.

If you are on manual analysis, also add the other URLs mentioned in the documentation page

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