Does the scanner log the LOC count?

Is it at all possible to find out what the LOC count is according to Sonar Scanner, BEFORE the results are uploaded to SonarQube? The current message is not very helpful in that respect.
I am adding a project, but this fails because the total line count exceeds the license.
To make the project fit, I want to ‘trim’ it, and the other projects, a bit. Before I start I would like to know what the ‘overshoot’ is. When this overshoot is too large I can save some time/start the paperwork to request a license upgrade :slight_smile:

Is this at all possible? How?

*SonarQube 8.6.1, Scanner MSBuild 5.0.4


Sorry, but LOC isn’t shown in the analysis log. Please feel free to vote for this:

SONAR-13798 - Show NCLOC of the analysis when it’s over the license’s limit