Does sonarScanner sonar.qualitygate.wait flags work outside of Gitlab CI/CD (eg locally, Bitbucket Pipelines)

I see that in SonarQube 8.1 new flags were introduced (sonar.qualitygate.wait).
Does this ONLY work within Gitlab, or can we use it locally, in Bitbucket Pipelines, Jenkins etc as well?
I.e. does sonar-scanner take care of waiting for QualityGates internally (while respecting the timeout argument), or is it only working inside of a Gitlab ci/cd environment?

Hi Andrew and welcome to the community!
As far as I know, this parameter has been introduced and designed specifically for Gitlab.
Could you help me understand what is your use case here?

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Hi there.

We have some Bitbucket Cloud pipelines and using a self hosted Sonarqube instance. We’re not using SonarSource (cloud).

Is there a way for us to wait for the Sonarqube analysis results, apart from manually writing pause/poll logic against the Sonarqube task endpoint to check whether the Quality Gates have failed or not.

If there is a plugin or add on that facilitates this I would really appreciate some pointers.

Hi Andrew,
There is no built-in mecanism for that in Sonarqube, and no plugin as far as i know.
However, a Sonarcloud plugin do exist and is designed specifically for it : If you like challenge, you could try to fork it and make it work for Sonarqube :wink:

Hope I answered your question.
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