Does sonarscanner can cache all the plugins?

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  • SonarQube 7.6

When I run sonar-scanner , I can see in the logs that it downloads a lot of plugins. It is very slow in my intranet.

Here is the part of log output:

INFO: Load plugins index (done) | time=95ms
INFO: Download sonar-dev-cockpit-plugin-1.12.jar
INFO: Download sonar-cobertura-plugin-1.6.3.jar
INFO: Download sonar-css-plugin-2.2.jar
INFO: Download sonar-crowd-plugin-2.0.jar
INFO: Download sonar-pmd-plugin-2.6.jar
INFO: Download sonar-android-plugin-1.1.jar
INFO: Download sonar-pdfreport-plugin-1.5.jar
INFO: Download sonar-scm-svn-plugin-1.3.jar
INFO: Download sonar-plsql-plugin-2.8.jar
INFO: Download sonar-csharp-plugin-
INFO: Download sonar-java-plugin-3.14.jar
INFO: Download sonar-ldap-plugin-
INFO: Download sonar-web-plugin-
INFO: Download sonar-xml-plugin-1.4.1.jar
INFO: Download sonar-build-breaker-plugin-2.1.jar
INFO: Download sonar-checkstyle-plugin-2.4.jar
INFO: Download sonar-swift-plugin-
INFO: Download sonar-cpp-plugin-4.2.jar
INFO: Download sonar-python-plugin-1.6.jar
INFO: Download sonar-issues-density-plugin-1.0.jar
INFO: Download sonar-fxcop-plugin-1.0.jar
INFO: Download sonar-clover-plugin-3.1.jar
INFO: Download sonar-motion-chart-plugin-1.7.jar
INFO: Download sonar-javascript-plugin-
INFO: Download sonar-findbugs-plugin-3.3.jar
INFO: Download sonar-scm-git-plugin-1.2.jar
INFO: Download sonar-governance-plugin-1.1.jar

Does sonarscanner can cache all the plugins?So it will not download them all the time.



Welcome to the community!

Are you sure you’re on SonarQube 7.6? I ask because your log snippet shows plugin versions that aren’t compatible with 7.6. Also, at some point (my memory fails me and my Jira-fu is weak) we did implement caching and in fact, have just had internal conversations about cleaning that cache up periodically.

So… if I were you, I would upgrade (through any intermediate, former LTSs) to 7.9.1 at your earliest convenience, without porting over all your old plugin versions. The bundles today include all SonarSource-supported plugins, and you should manually install the current versions of any still-relevant 3rd-party plugins. For instance, Motion Chart stopped being relevant at 6.3 when we dropped dashboards.


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Thank you very much!
But I think the caching function should in Sonar-scanner.