Does SonarCloud ignore files with over 20K lines?

I run over Bitbucket Cloud pipelines the analyses of different apps which include big libraries, specifically, JavaScript libraries. After checking the analysed files listed in the “Code” tab of the SonarCloud web GUI I can see some of those big files are missing. Files with less than 20.000 lines are listed, files with more lines are not.

I have read somewhere that minified JavaScript files are excluded by default, but in this case the ignored files are not minified.

I didn’t find anything in the documentation specific for JS files (JavaScript/TypeScript/CSS | SonarCloud Docs), maybe it’s an overall exclusion rule for all types of files.

Hey there.

It’s actually based on file-size!

You can adjust sonar.javascript.maxFileSize under project-level Administration > General `Settings > Languages > JavaScript/TypeScript.

It does seem useful to explicitly document this, I’ll ping our docs team to see what they think.

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Hey Colin,

awesome, thanks!

Hi @TheKingZo ,

Thanks for pointing this out! I also believe it would be useful to have this info in our docs. I’ll create a ticket on this.

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