Does SonarCloud analyse Perl Code

Hi there - has anyone had experience in confirming whether SonarCloud can analyse the Linux Perl codebase?

Hi Nick,

Perl is not supported on SonarCloud.

Given the current gap in directly analysing Perl based codebase to CERT compliance - I was wondering if anyone has successfully being able to add a gated control to parse through toi a third party interface like RATS or PERL::CRITIC (or some other tool)?

Are there any plans for SonarCloud to incorporate Perl Based analysis?

There are currently no plans for SonarCloud.

Note that if you want Perl analysis, you can rely on SonarQube for which there is an OSS plugin.

My understanding is that this would require us to host the solution as opposed to using a pure cloud solution, which was one attraction with using the SonatCloud plug-in for VSTS - is there a cloud hosted solution for SonarCube (and would be leaning towards private source code analysis in the longer term anyway)?

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I don’t know if there is such a solution. At least on our side, we don’t provide this.

is this still the case pls?. we have a very old legacy project in perl that need scanning

Yes, it’s still the case, nothing has changed for now.