Does Sonar Qube support javascript code coverage using qUnit test framework?

We are using version 7.7. We would like to achieve js code coverage with qUnit as the test framework. Any ideas?

As you can see in our Test Coverage docs, we support LCOV as a coverage report format for Javascript. So as long as you can get your qUnit test coverage reported in LCOV, you should be in good shape. A quick google search indicates there’s at least one tool out there that might help.

Hope this helps,

Exactly, I have specified the relative path in the javascript section with lcov file location. but the log said there is no lcov file genereated. but in local dev, we have the lcov rendered. maybe this is because the path I filled in is incorrect?


It’s hard to help you without any information.
Please provide the logs of analysis where lcov file can’t found.