Does rule java:S3577 check the inverse like rule java:S118?

SonarQube 8.6.0

Rule java:S118 states: “This rule allows to check that all abstract class names match a provided regular expression. If a non-abstract class match [sic] the regular expression, an issue is raised to suggest to either make it abstract or to rename it.”

Rule java:S3577 states: “This rule raises an issue when a test class name does not match the provided regular expression” but does not mention the opposite case. In other words, if a class name matches the regex for java:S3577, but SonarQube thinks the class is not a test class, does this get flagged as a violation of rule S3577?

Hi @MisterPi and welcome to the community.

No. And you can actually find this information in the documentation or by looking at the codebase of Java Analyser.

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